Adulting is Hard.

Being an adult is hard. Sometimes I really marvel at the complexity of life that I have had to deal with since I became a parent.

Finances, work commitments, caring for the children, family dynamics, navigating Government schemes. And on top of that, caring for myself and caring for my family. Trying to navigate an increasingly complex world for me and my children, dealing with the critical and often judgmental views of others who do not begin to understand the complexity and tiredness we deal with every day. I hardly have any emotional resources left after every weekend; and then Monday is here and work beckons.

To top it off, Xuheng is beginning his Terrible Twos and throwing tantrums every so often. Is it our fault as parents? Probably partly yes. But I can say for certain we are trying our best.

What are the options? Of course, we could outsource. To school, to parents, to other caregivers. I could then continue to have my pre-parenthood life. I could go for live music and grab a beer on Fridays, I could watch football on Saturdays midnights, and go cafe-hopping for brunch on Sundays. Why we don’t is a story for another day, but some days I really wish I could.

I struggle every day with the value base from which to parent. They say parenting is an “inside job”, but while my value base has always been quite solid I think, I find the Christian upbringing and my personal values have either surprisingly little to say to the dilemmas of modern parents or are just incredibly hard to live out given the constraints of life.

Or maybe it’s just about money. I suppose if I had unlimited money, all these problems would go away and I could just spend all the time I want at home and do whatever my heart pleases.

This is when the MLM marketers and investment “gurus” are ready to pounce. Go away.

I don’t wanna grow up. 

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