Akan Datang

It’s 10:30pm on a Friday night, and honestly, I haven’t been up this late for more than a year.

It’s Friday, but it feels like a Saturday because we had Xuheng with us the whole day today. He was kind of flu-ish and running a fever.

Stew is cooking in the oven. It smells amazing; but it’s meant for parents coming over tomorrow evening for dinner. Amazing smells aren’t coming out of my kitchen for some time after November. I’m gonna be too shagged with the newborn to cook. Or maybe my new helper will be so awesome that I will be able to. Who knows?

I don’t know what life will be like with 2 babies. Even now, with full attention on Xuheng, it feels like he is growing up too fast. I love his smile, his cheekiness and his warmth. I love how attached he is to us. I love him waddling up to me and throwing himself into my arms half a step before he reaches; because he knows Papa is going to catch him.

Too fast. Too fast.

I’m not ready for my daughter to come out. I haven’t prepared myself yet. It’s been such a crazy season, you know? Ending one job, starting a new one. Only a crazy man like me would do something like that. But I need to. For my family.

Help, somebody. I need to get ready. Fast.


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